Technology can make life easier, but we know it can also be a pain. Our goal is to provide the resources you need to save time, feel good about your decisions, and take advantage of all the things today’s latest gadgets have to offer.  We help you understand the technology around you through coaching, consulting, troubleshooting, installing, and general maintenance.  We provide computer repair services at our location or anywhere in the Lacey, Olympia and greater Puget Sound area.

Before you get frustrated with your computer or device, give us a call!

Computer Repair in Olympia

A device not functioning correctly can be a frustrating situation.   There are a host of reasons why you may be having problems.  We will troubleshoot and locate the problem in order to provide you with a computer repair quote.   When your technology malfunctions and before you give up an make an expensive purchase, give us a call.  Computer repair is a cost effective alternative.

A trusted friend recommended John Hansman of Hans-On Technology Solutions. I'm so glad she did! It's a good feeling when you find a technician you can trust, whether that is a plumber, an electrician or a computer techie. John was prompt, polite, professional, and his price was right! I won't ever have to go looking around Olympia for a techie who makes house calls again. John is my tech guy from now on. Thanks John!

-Kay Musso | Olympia, WA

Computer Training

Hans-On Technology helps you learn how to use all types of software and devices with our computer training and other technology training services. If you need assistance using your computer, tablet, or phone – or if you’d like help understanding certain software programs such as Microsoft Office – we provide one-on-one training and support.

Computer Training

John Hansman has really helped my husband and I use our Macbook Pros and IPhone 5.  He knows how to set up devices and troubleshoot problems.  He is always on time, shows up for all appointments when he says he will be there, and is a pleasant and respectful tutor.

-Robin Ivey-Black | Olympia, WA

Computer and Network Installation

Hans-On Technology is your one call installation professional.  We offer residential and commercial installation services.  We work around your schedule to get all of your devices connected and working properly.   Did you know that where you place certain devices can significantly impact their performance?  We ensure the each device is placed for peak performance.  If you have recently moved, resetting IP addresses on existing devices can be a painstaking process.  Let us get you set up so you can start enjoying your new home, or new devices!

John helped us setup our office network and provided expert insight into all the hardware we would need, and he set it up in no time! We're so grateful to have a guy like this in Olympia!

-Oly Family Chiropractic | Olympia, WA

Malware and Virus Removal

Is your computer running slow or doing strange things?   Computer viruses, malware and spyware are very common culprits for a sluggish  device.  Some devices and operating systems are more susceptible to these pesky infections than others.  Virus removal is one of specialties!  While viruses are fairly common, you may just need a tune-up.

My computer hadn't been working well for months, John was gracious enough to take a look and was able to diagnose and identify the problems it was having.  He was then able to fix all the viruses and install new software for virus protection.  My computer has been running perfect ever since.  Did I mention that he was able to do all of this while on a completely different coast and time zone (I am on the East coast and he is on the West Coast).  He was very thorough and knowledgable that I even recommended him to my parents to have him look at their computer.  I would recommend John in a heartbeat. 

-Jen | Loudon, TN


Live Streaming

Live Streaming can be used for information distribution such as training or seminars. If you have an important event or milestone coming up, consider Live Streaming! Personal events or business milestones can be shared in real time with friends and family from coast to coast.

John recently installed a new computer, re-did cumbersome wiring and re-located our router to a high shelf. We now have better Wi-Fi service in the house and even to the back yard. John is an expert.

-Craig Adair

Internet Redundancy 

Many business are dependant on internet service to perform daily operations.  We offer cellular based internet backup that automatically turns on when the internet goes down.  No more rescheduling appointments or turning customers away durring an outage.  With our service, it's business as usual.

I am very satisfied with the service that I received from Hans-On Technology Solutions. John is personable and knowledgeable. He listened to what I needed, proposed a reasonable solution and delivered without any issues. I also really appreciated the follow-up from John the following day to check that all was working properly. I would definitely work with Hans-On Technology Solutions again and would happily recommend them to family and friends.

-Kyle Winter

John Hansman - Technology Expert

Meet John

John Hansman has been in the Home Security industry for 16 years. Over this time, he has managed a 24 hour Central Monitoring System, sold security systems, and worked in an install and service department as a computer consultant. Since John was a young man, he has been the person that friends turned to for help with technology issues. This has included troubleshooting, training and repairing systems for them.

John’s many years of experience in a very technology focused field, his love of people and his desire to teach people how to make the most of their technology drives this business. John is patient and enjoys giving one on one attention to each customer he interacts with. If you’re looking for someone to help you feel comfortable with your technology or figure out why something is not functioning as it should, Hans-On Technology is the company for you!