Cloud Storage

Lets talk about cloud storage

Let’s talk about cloud storage.

Recently, I’ve had a lot of questions about cloud storage: “Is it safe? What are the advantages? disadvantages? What service should I use?” I hope to help clarify these questions and help you make wise decisions about where you store information.

What is cloud storage? 
Cloud storage is the act of storing files on the internet. It functions much like a hard drive and provides you with worldwide access to your information. You can store anything from pictures to Word documents to a variety of other file types. The files aren’t public unless you choose them to be. Cloud storage is user friendly because it lets you move files from one place to another by just dragging and dropping.

What are the benefits of cloud storage?
Access. Thumb drives (USB flash drives) are a great technology, but what happens when you leave yours behind? You then have no access to your files. With cloud storage – as long as you have internet – you always have access.
Automatic backup. By default, storing things in the cloud means they are backed up because you are storing files in a data center, which has redundant systems in place to keep you from losing information.
Easy sharing. Ever need to share a large file or group of files with someone? With cloud storage, you can give another person access to one, many, or all of your files. No more overloading email systems.
Security. The question I get asked the most is whether cloud storage is safe. Most experts say cloud storage is as safe as you make it. You have options like high security passwords and 2-factor authentication which go a long way to secure your data. Remember: No one solution is perfect; even external hard drives can be stolen.

Choosing a cloud storage…
When looking for cloud storage, you should pick a well-known company such as Apple, Google, or Dropbox. These companies work hard to keep your data safe and provide simple tools to help secure your account. Always set up and use 2-step verification processes, which require an additional code for each new device. The code comes via email, text, or Google Authenticator.

Here are some common cloud storages and their pricing/features:
Google Drive
15 GB free storage ($1.99 for 100 GB; $9.99 for 1 TB; $99.99 for 10 TB)
Two-step verification
Desktop app

Apple iCloud
5 GB free storage ($0.99 for 50 GB; $2.99 for 200 GB; $9.99 for 1 TB)
Two-step verification
Desktop app

Microsoft OneDrive
5 GB free storage ($1.99 for 50 GB)
Two-step verification
Desktop app

2GB free storage ($9.99 for 1 TB)*
Two-step verification
Desktop app
* Receive more free storage when you invite others to use Dropbox.

Overall, cloud storage is reliable and great for organizing consistent access to your important files or pictures. Keeping your files secure is up to you, and we hope this post points you in the right direction. Remember we’re here to help if you have more questions.

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