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Tips for Choosing Your New Computer or Tablet – Part 2 (Computers)

Computers (PC/MAC/Chromebooks)

If you decide that a tablet does not provide everything you need this second article is for you. As we talked about in our last article as we’re looking at all devices here is our criteria.

Ease of use – Any product you’re going to use every day should be easy to use. Learning something new does not a count as “hard to use”. If in the long run you understand it better changing to a different type of system may be better in the long run.

Meets your needs – What do you need this device to do for you? Write down everything you need this device to do.  This will help you as you’re shopping.

Price – You should figure out what your budget is a head of time. What are you willing to pay? What are the above needs worth to you?

Dependability & Durability – You want a product that is going to last. You also may need a product that will stand up to ware and tare if you’re going to use it outside the house.

PC (Windows) – PCs have been the normal household computer for many years, and for a lot of people, they’ve been pretty affordable. They’re good if you need to do more than just browsing the internet or managing emails.


  • Versatile
  • Unlimited software options
  • Customizable
  • Desktop & laptop versions
  • Widely used & supported
  • Great for advanced users needing proprietary software


  • Can be subject to malware/viruses
  • Sometimes complicated for basic users
  • Easily messed up / Difficult to fix without help


Mac (Apple) –

Apple computers have been the favorite for video editors, graphic artists, and musicians. Apple, though more spendy because of branding and quality, makes great machines. (Mac Mini is a lesser expensive model.) Apple machines have a long working life and are easy to use. They make great home computers if you need something that “just works” with your other Apple devices. If you’ve been a Windows user, there’s a little bit of learning involved, but it’s very doable.



  • Few problems with malware/viruses
  • Intuitive operating systems
  • Compatible with other Apple devices
  • Longer life than most Windows machines


  • Expensive
  • Limited access to proprietary software (unless you run Windows on your Mac)
  • Non-upgradeable memory disk (storage) space


Chromebooks (Chromebox) –

Chromebooks are one of the newest types of devices. They run a locked-down version of the Lynux operating system called Chrome OS. This operating system is limited in that only apps approved from the Chrome OS can be installed, and their hard drive space is low because they’re designed to work on the internet all the time. However, they are easy to use and great for browsing the internet, emailing, and other basic functions like word processing and spreadsheet creation using google docs. There is a long list of available apps for the Chrome OS. Here is a link to the webstore.


  • Great battery life
  • Reasonably priced
  • Little to no virus/malware problems
  • PowerWash feature (which restores your Chromebook after any malfunctions)


  • Limited apps
  • Everything is on the cloud
  • Limited access when offline


Other tips for choosing your primary computer

What type of phone do you have? If you already have Apple iPhone, it may be better to buy an Apple product.  Having an Apple laptop connected with other Apple devices lets you do things like texting from your computer and easily “handing off” files from phone to computer and vice versa. Your devices will be in sync.

What are you most comfortable with? For some, sticking with the familiar is better than learning a new device. If something similar to what you have will meet your needs, there’s no need to change.  Others will reap greater benefits from purchasing a new product. It takes willingness to learn, but in the end they’ll appreciate greater functionality.

All in all, choosing devices is a personal preference, so take some time to examine what you want for yourself. If at any time you need help figuring out what to purchase, give us a call! We can help you get the most out of your technology.

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