Protecting your technology in a public setting

When I teach classes, I talk a lot about securing your home network against people who could steal your information and do you harm. For some of us, we do not always work from home or a commerical office space with secure internet. Our computers are with us all the time, and we log in multiple places wither it be coffee shops, our offices or at client locations. It is important to understand how to keep your computers secure everywhere you go because not everyone sets up their guest WiFi Correctly.

In a commercial setting, it can be a common thing to share computer folders or drives on the network allowing for sharing files and collaboration between colleagues. This method is an old fashioned way of sharing files, and in my option, and should be avoided. In an office setting onsite or cloud servers should be used to store information that needs to be shared among colleagues.

For those who travel or tend to work out of public spaces, it is important to make sure that your computer is secured so no mischevious person can connect and steal your data. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to a coffee shop and they have a guest network that is unsecured. When a guest connection is correctly setup computers on the network should not be able to see or communicate with one another. This method keeps those who would attempt to hack computers from getting easy access. It is possible that a public connection you are using all the time is unsure and leaves your computer open to those who might enjoy stealing your data.

There is something you can do about this. Make sure you have sharing turned off in your network settings and turn on your computer firewall turned on. Talk with your IT department about these things or give us a call. If you are an owner of a company, secure your business computers and provide a method for your staff to collaborate this may be local servers or a cloud service. There are many different tools available out there for you to use. We also offer a few great collaboration products.

If you own a place that offers free wifi. Make sure you have your network setup correctly while it is the responsibility of computer owners to protect themselves. I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to set things up right so that your guest have a safe experience.

How Hans-On Technology can help.

  • Individuals schedule a remote or on-site session to look over your computer settings.
  • Businesses, if you own a coffee shop or other place with guest wifi allow us to come in and access your network to ensure you are protecting those who connect.
    • Also, let us know if you need some collaboration tools or have questions about how to protect all your employees while out in the field.

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