When I teach classes, I talk a lot about securing your home network against people who could steal your information and do you harm. For some of us, we do not always work from home or a commerical office space with secure internet. Our computers are with us all the time, and we log in multiple places wither it be coffee shops, our offices or at client locations. It is important to understand how to keep your computers secure everywhere you go because not everyone sets up their guest WiFi Correctly. In a commercial setting, it can be a common thing to share computer foldersRead More →

IPhone 7 Headphones

Apple Strongly believes that wireless headphones is the wave of the future. This is evident by Apple’s recent decision to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. People asked the question what if I have a favorite set of headphones that I love. What if I want to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time. If you do not want to throw out your $200 dollar Bose headphones and you don’t want to use the dongle that Apple provided here are a couple options that I use. Keep in mind that these units need to be charged too but they giveRead More →

Tablet and Computer Purchase

Computers (PC/MAC/Chromebooks) If you decide that a tablet does not provide everything you need this second article is for you. As we talked about in our last article as we’re looking at all devices here is our criteria. Ease of use – Any product you’re going to use every day should be easy to use. Learning something new does not a count as “hard to use”. If in the long run you understand it better changing to a different type of system may be better in the long run. Meets your needs – What do you need this device to do for you? Write down everythingRead More →

Computer and Tablet Purchase

If you struggle to understand technology – or even if you understand it but just need to upgrade – choosing a new computer or device can be a challenge. It is my goal for you to get what’s best for you, so this article offers some tips for choosing your next computer. It is separated in to two parts part one will cover tablets and part two will c over computers. First, I want to clarify what I mean by “computer.” Because our world is so overflowing with technology, almost everyone carries around some sort of device. It might be a cell phone, tablet, laptop,Read More →

Cloud Storage

Let’s talk about cloud storage. Recently, I’ve had a lot of questions about cloud storage: “Is it safe? What are the advantages? disadvantages? What service should I use?” I hope to help clarify these questions and help you make wise decisions about where you store information. What is cloud storage?  Cloud storage is the act of storing files on the internet. It functions much like a hard drive and provides you with worldwide access to your information. You can store anything from pictures to Word documents to a variety of other file types. The files aren’t public unless you choose them to be. Cloud storageRead More →