Malware / Virus Removal & Windows Tuneup

Is your computer running slow or doing strange things?   Computer viruses, malware and spyware are very common culprits for a sluggish  device.  Some devices and operating systems are more susceptible to these pesky infections than others.  Virus removal is one of specialties!  While viruses are fairly common, you may just need a tune-up.

If you suspect that you have a computer virus follow these simple steps to minimize the damage and potential data loss.

  1. Turn off the computer or device
  2. Disconnect your computer or device from the internet
  3. Quarantine any removable device that was or is connected to the suspected computer
  4. Call us

Virus Removal

We will ask you to bring in your device along with any removable storage devices that may have been connected.  We will run a complete diagnostic test on all your devices to determine if a virus is present and what type of virus is present.  We will then provide you with a written quote to remove the virus.  We will also advise you what data may have been stolen or compromised and what your next steps are.

Computer Tune-up for Windows

Think of your computer or device like you would your car.  Every so often you have to change the oil.  Any device with an operating system needs a tune-up every now and then.  Over time a device will store "junk" files and clutter your hard drive.  These need to be removed in order to keep your computer running smoothly.  This type of maintenance is done quickly and is inexpensive.

No matter what has your computer running slow, we have the solution to get you back to full speed.


Protect your computer and your personal data with a Malware Protection subscription.